Is there any extension to design 3D library specific to my company?

I am looking to develop a 3D library specifically developed for my design studio based out of India. Like having standard 3D modules which the in-house designers can use while designing for the customers and we can avoid the technical mistakes in the back ground.

It’s not entirely clear what exactly you want to achieve. If you create a model or component, anyone on your team can use it. I don’t think anyone is hindered whether they are based in India or not.

Designing a specific model or component and placing it in a 3D library (folder) does not require a special extension. Of course you can use extensions, but you can do a lot with the native tools too.

The web version you’re using doesn’t run extensions anyway. However, the desktop version basically includes the Dynamic Component extension, which is specifically used for designing special components.

Recently SU team introduced the Live components (You can download these from 3D warehouse), but developing these are currently not exposed to public users. We hope this will come to us soon or later.

So we have a design firm. We use the standard models for Kitchen, Wardrobes, TV Units etc. We want those models to be created and kept is as a library for all our designers to use it without making much errors in terms of dimensions of the units etc.

For example our Kitchen unit height is 720mm with 100 mm pvc legs. So once a designer picks up any kitchen model like shelf-unit, drawers unit etc they should not be able to change any dimension. It should be simple pick and drop.

First thing to note is that it is illegal to use SketchUp Free for commercial work. You must have SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Go.

Once you created these standard models you can share it with others for future use.
You can put it in a local folder and send the files to others or put it to a server what anyone can an access to…
You can also collaborate/share via e.g.

This one you cannot avoid. You have to make a “internal company policy” and tell/teach them to not change…

I meant, SketchUp web is not used for commercial purpose.

For commercial purpose we have Sketch Pro

In which case you have access to Dynamic Components and can fix dimensions of any part you like.

within SketchUp

via 3D Warehouse

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