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I need help. New to the SketchUp Community, pretty much a newb. The company I work for uses a bunch of BeMatrix panels. The project managers are asking for a schedule of items for each BeMatrix build. I know in BeCAD can do that, but I like SKU so much more. Any advice would be beautiful.

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You could make a collection of components for the panels that you can insert into your SketchUp models and then use Generate Reoprt to get a schedule of the ones you used. It might be that someone has already made these components. Searching the manufacturer’s site and the 3D Warehouse might turn up something. I don’t think you’ll need a special extension, though.

I get it, that makes sense. I thought about searching the extensions, but not the 3D warehouse. That may be the answer I’m looking for.
Thank you DaveR

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I would assume that if they had an extension, either they would have made it or know who made it… unlikely that someone programmed a custom extension for their product without them knowing about it.

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they have dwg and 3ds files for their products perhaps you could use them to create components in sketchup and then generate reports like DaveR suggest… there are a number of BeMatrix models in the warehouse.

we have made dynamic components in the past that you can download from the warehouse. But we stopped to support this further since we have beCAD web. in beCAD web (free online program) you can very quickly create a structure with beMatrix frames. You can also provide panels and images on it, create quotes and have all connectors calculated automatically.
Very soon we will have an export possibility where you can import the stand you have drawn in beCAD into sketchup and you can move all the components in sketchup if necessary. By the way, you will have the choice to export with or without panels. If you choose with panels, it will be a lot easier to render in sketchup.

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