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I need help. New to the SketchUp Community, pretty much a newb. The company I work for uses a bunch of BeMatrix panels. The project managers are asking for a schedule of items for each BeMatrix build. I know in BeCAD can do that, but I like SKU so much more. Any advice would be beautiful.

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You could make a collection of components for the panels that you can insert into your SketchUp models and then use Generate Reoprt to get a schedule of the ones you used. It might be that someone has already made these components. Searching the manufacturer’s site and the 3D Warehouse might turn up something. I don’t think you’ll need a special extension, though.

I get it, that makes sense. I thought about searching the extensions, but not the 3D warehouse. That may be the answer I’m looking for.
Thank you DaveR

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I would assume that if they had an extension, either they would have made it or know who made it… unlikely that someone programmed a custom extension for their product without them knowing about it.

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they have dwg and 3ds files for their products perhaps you could use them to create components in sketchup and then generate reports like DaveR suggest… there are a number of BeMatrix models in the warehouse.