Is there a way to tell the height of an elevated road that is not site modeled in sketchup?



I watched most of the video on site modeling: in order to map out my site in SU. But some structures do not appear in the nearby models, such as the FDR drive between Jefferson Street and Gouveneur St. W in NYC’s lower east side. See Google map:,-73.9847325,76a,20y,340.56h,76.71t/data=!3m1!1e3

Even in 3D mode it is hard to tell the height of the FDR drive. I want to model a walkway over it around Clinton Street, but need to know how high to make it, allowing for trucks etc. to pass easily underneath.

It would be easier if there was an exiting model of that section of the FDR like there is for the nearby Manhattan Bridge, but there isn’t.


It looks like you CAN get dimensions in Google Earth:


Unfortunately, that only seems good for measuring on the ground, not height.


Use Google Earth Pro. The Ruler allows you to measure the 3D content.



Even though Google Earth is dead(or dying…) it looks liek there is a forum running over here:

You may want to head over there for more info on using their product.


Ah, that is better. 28’ from grade to roadway bed. The bottom of my bridge then must be 44’ above grade to meet 16’ industry standard for truck clearance. Thanks!