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Not Trimble’s product, I know, but Placemaker doesn’t seem to have the same level of support so I’m hoping someone can help here.
I created a terrain, imported imagery etc., but even with terrain turned on and Merge with surface and drop onto surface toggled on, I can’t get the roads to elevate above the flat image.
It is a particular problem since the site has an elevated roadway of variable height that new roads will have to pass under. See here:

Does anyone know what to do…or do I just have to create an elevated road myself, using things like Google Earth estimate elevation (never a great idea when planning a major project!).

I guess no one is interested in this problem. Placemaker does not support elevated roads, bridges, etc. and I can’t find anything in the nearby models option in SU either. Can anyone suggest how or who could do a section of the FDR including correct elevation?

I think my subscription to PlaceMaker is expired, so I can’t try out things there. Also not much help is this video, but for your amusement:

The second half of the video shows the section you’re asking about. The strange lack of traffic is because this was the day after hurricane Sandy.

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I think the easiest way is to draw the raised highway in a plane, above the image you captured, then paint it with the same texture projected, just that.
I do not know what level of detail you plan to work on, but I can help you with that.

That might work, but the problem is I don’t really know the height of the highway, which is variable at this location. From Google Earth I can sort of tell the elevation, but only by spot-checking it at different points along the span, and of course, that’s only on top, not accounting for the thickness of the road and the supporting structure underneath.
Well, I’m doing some mirroring now, but maybe something will occur to one of us tomorrow :slight_smile:

Funny, I very nearly modeled a chunk of the FDR and a footbridge at a point on the upper east side, but the need vaporized, so I never did it. I was given engineering drawings from the city with plan and section right through FDR. Any other resources available like this by any chance?

Sorry, Placemaker looks interesting, but I haven’t spent the money on it as yet. If the right project comes along I would.

If you have the material and expertise, I would be willing to pay a modest fee to get the section from just below the Brooklyn Bridge to about 10 blocks above Montgomery Street done (the FDR goes back down to grade after Montgomery, so that is a good place to end).
Placemaker wants $35 to create 50 boxy buildings, but says they can’t do elevated highways because they are not considered buildings by Open Street Map, which is where all their work eventually winds up. Besides, lower Manhattan is pretty well populated already with buildings. What I really need is a decent FDR Drive with underpass and details and I just don’t have time to learn how to do this for this very big project I’m working on.

…trying to find out more where our material came from…

I do not know if that’s what you were imagining, but in a few minutes, I modeled a module of that structure, on a fairly close scale. With the profile builder plugin I can have this component follow a line, which was drawn on image. If you need more precision, there are other ways to achieve it though. none of them is automatically via plugins.

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Painting this would be the easiest part and the details of the structure can go as far as you need.

This seems like it could be a workable solution.
Here is where I would need the elevated highway; see the thin green line along the thicker black line that PM produces for the FDR Drive along the Manhattan coast of the East River:

How would I go about raising/translating that section into a realistic rendering including the underpasses with correct heights?
Unfortunately, due to filesize restrictions I can’t upload a file for you to work on here, but I can give you access to my Google Drive if that will help. I work with another SU forum member, john_mcclenahan, this way on the project.
Or, I guess I can download & install the Profile Builder plugin but I’m not sure how to determine the varying heights, among other things.

Well, this is easy to do with the sketchup tools.
According to Google Earth, the height of the FDR is about 11 meters. It is a very close estimate of the reality, comparing by the Street View photos, and with the model I made using Mach Photo, I reached that same height.
The size of the section is also close to reality, I’d say 80% accuracy or more. Nothing that interferes with your project.
After (to the north) of Montgomery St. the FDR drive begins to descend linearly, reaching the level 0.00, 200m later.
If that’s what you want to show, I can model the route for you, showing you the best details. If you want to reach a more precise level, we will need the measurements of the place.
Please share the model with me and see what I can do.

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Doing a search on this subject, I found this site that can be useful:
It provides the volumetry of a region in various formats. The streets are separated by layers, as well as buildings and terrain.

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FDR Drive area.skp (2.9 MB)
Here is a basic file showing the coastline in question. It is not detailed because of the 3MB file size limit here, but you could also just regrab the location and add resolution as needed. If you can do this and it’s too big to load back here I’ll send you my email address and you can just email it to me under 25MB.

I’m pretty close to finishing everything else in this model.
Do you think you want to try to create that section of the FDR?
If not, I will try to follow what you said, but I think I will make a hash of it. I need something elevated though. It’s too difficult to show with just a 2D road painted on the surface 14’ below where it should be.

I´ll send it to you even today. The model is 90% finished. Only a few details remain.

Here it is.

Thanks. This worked out well and I was able to make the segments on the ramping part unique so I could scale the supports to the street grade underneath.


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