Can someone recommend a way to build this network of cul-de-sac roads?


I am having some issues with this build. It is a 74 lot subdivision that is located on a hill, which means the streets have varying grades to them, they need to follow the general topography of the site, but also need to be relatively flat per City building codes. I’d also like to include curb and sidewalks if possible.

Site Map I based the road drawing off.

Road Pulled:

Terrain turned on, road is pulled to highest point of terrain:

Another view to show the change in elevation throughout the site:

I downloaded Instant Road NUI, which is a road building plug-in, but it doesn’t seem to have the ability to do cul-de-sacs.

So I’m curious, How would you build this road?

I think this is a great example for everyone building residential models.


Have you tried using the “stamp” tool in the sandbox tools? Maybe section by section.



Instant Road NUI

Or Artisan Organic Toolset. It’s “make planar” tool is useful for making roads, but it may require more sculpting than instant road because it makes the entire selection planar. I assume you want some hills too.


I think this should work.


Do you have a grading plan for proposed roads? Or is ok to ‘fudge’ it just for visuals?


See screenshot for a simple way to do this using just Fredo6’s Joint Push and Pull extension. Road was draped (using native Sandbox tools) over terrain all in one go and then curbs were extruded up all at once. You can do the opposite and push the road down if you prefer as well.