Best extension for making Roads?

I am looking for advice creating roads/driveways that integrate with topo. I have been searching and looking into Road Nui and Upright Extruder extensions and would love advice from someone who has had success with roads on what works best for creating them - for myself the use is typically for small projects; for example creating a driveway down a steep curving hill.

Sandbox tools can be used to drape a roadway/path onto a terrain.
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Also fredo’s “Tools on surface” are good for drawing onto uneven surfaces too

While it’s a little cumbersome, this tutorial outlines a technique that maybe is more than you need, but shows a combination of approaches to create a highway on a terrain.

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You can look at the Instant Road extension by Vali Architects


The drape tool is terrible to make roads. I ever use instant road.

Thank you!

Thanks, I am trying that one out now.

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