Making road

I want to ask about how the streets made in the plan as a slope there is topo and two levels 16 and 12, also I have extruded the site plan and the status of the streets remains

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What measurement system? What units?

I used the Fredo Tools CurviShear, Curviloft and ThruPaint extensions.
just as an idea


Its in meter
do you have a totorial or something that can i use to make it like this? its so good!!!

I already wrote you which plugins I used. Learn to use them as well as possible, then by combining them you could create that model.

YouTube search ‘curvishear’:

YouTube search ‘curviloft’:

And a quick sketch

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@mihai.s has shown you an excellent method to automate the process. It helps also to take a step back and model it the old fashioned way as well so that you really think about the grading process - which in itself is quite complex.

Using a simplified version of your plan…I would first work out where the grade breaks or transitions occur. Your red line with the 12 indicates that whole side of the road or roundabout should hold flat at 12 (in real life it wouldn’t be flat as you need at least 2% cross slope to drain but let’s ignore that for now). Here I marked up where the 16 stops and slopes to 12:

Next I draw vertical lines up to where the ‘top of slope’ would be. I chose to do it at the arc tangents since I can then draw an arc connecting one grade to the next nice and neatly. The number 15.15 was not arbitrary. In my model, I’m dropping 4’ vertical over 40’ horizontal distance = 10% slope (too steep I know!). So then that my little arc is 8.5’ long times .10 (for 10%) = 0.85 is the drop in height at that point. So my vertical line becomes 15.15’. Do this wherever is needed to control exactly where the slope starts/stops.

Then just draw arcs to connect the verticals (or lines if your slope is straight of course). Select them all and run ‘From Contours’ in your Sandbox Tools.

Then just delete out any extra bits you don’t need and you’re good to go.


Hi @eric-s,

In your friday live streams, please do more episodes on such interesting topics, urbanism, landscaping, with such detailed information.
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Will do! :wink:


Thanks alot for the expanition

thank u so much for the Detailed explanation i will practice this tools