Create site from Grading Plan (with broken grade lines)

I might be in over my head here… I’m trying to reflect the civils grading plan onto a site that I’ll be creating a render for. I can’t figure out how to get these grade lines to pick up (maybe because they’re dash lines). I tried to import the grading CAD I got from the CE but when I import it shows a large circle and I can’t find any other geometry. Please share your thoughts/advise. I am an amateur but we’ve all got to learns somewhere. Thank you! I’ve attached a snip of what the PDF grading plan shows . Thank you.

You could try this with Fredo TopoShaper. If the contour lines are only 2D, it will also be necessary to use “Edit Altitude”.

or you can try with Edge Tools


Can you post the CAD file you got, and your SketchUp model?
If your engineer used the AutoCad Civil software he should use the “Export to AutoCad” function in that to produce a “plain vanilla” AutoCad version of the file. Non-Autodesk apps cannot read the special objects created by Civil.

Yes, I’ve attached the CAD here
C2.1 GRADING PLAN 1.dwg (14.5 MB)

I’m not sure if I replied to your comment but I attached the CAD file in a reply to this post (I think :upside_down_face:)

I just downloaded Fredo TopoShaper, thank you. I noticed that you did a lot of things really fast to get to this. Do you recommend any videos that could help me learn this? I have paid for sketchup pro, a bunch of extensions and a few rendering software/extensions, but it seems like the Sketchup Community is the only place for specific feedback.

Do a YouTube search for ‘fredo toposhaper’ and follow the existing tutorials, they will help you understand how to work with the extension.

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