Digital Globe aerial scale seems wrong on one axis

Long story short- I imported Aerial Imagery of Philadelphia. I’m designing some things around traffic lanes, so I checked the measurement of the lanes. They are 10’, which is correct and matches on-the-ground measurements. However, when I measure from intersection to intersection, (i.e. from one street to another), the measurements are off pretty significantly (measured in Google maps as 370 feet, but measuring out in Sketchup at 240 feet).

I’m not sure how this could be and while I’m hesitant to rescale the model in just one direction, it seems like the correct move. But I don’t really understand why I should need to if the native Digital Globe is supposedly accurate.

Any thoughts on what to do to rectify this issue would be so appreciated!

By importing an aerial image of a location, you mean inserting it into your model as a texture?
If so, you can look in your materials tray and select your material, then adjust the dimensions of the texture. A bit of trial and error but you can get the 370 feet that you want from the 240 feet that you have.
If you did not import an image as a texture, I don’t know why to do.

Thank you for your reply! No, I don’t think I meant as a texture, I just added it by using the “Geolocate” feature that locates the model on the globe. It then provides me with aerial imagery and topography, but unfortunately the aerial imagery seems incorrectly scaled or warped in one direction.

Oh, well, sorry @tuk85916, in which case, I can’t help. I don’t know about the “geolocate” functions.

Can you give an example location that you have tried, and what the distances between streets should be?