Google Earth import won't scale properly

I ‘m trying to lay out a design for a half court basket ball court on an existing parking lot.
I find the parking lot on google earth and import the image. I scale it using tape measure so the distance between lines is 10’ which is what I actually measured. Then I measure what sketch shows as the length of the parking space line and they are way off.
So I do it again and scale to the length of the lines, then the width is way off.
How can I fix this?

Likely you are doing something incorrectly in the scaling process. Share the SketchUp file so we can see what you are working with.

FWIW, Google’s terms of use for Google Earth and Google Maps don’t allow for usage of their imagery. If you want to do this correctly use SketchUp Pro and add the location imagery with the Add Location feature.

You can add the location in SketchUp for web in the upper left menu, above the toolbar.

You should be able to zero in on the approximate area and build up your model from there.

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But no imagery or terrain.

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Right you are.
Never bothered with the feature in the browser version, so I wasn’t aware of the limitation.


Try using Google Maps instead of Google Earth. Or scale each direction independently.
NOTE: Using an image from Google as a template for your geometry is probably okay, but including it in your final work is not.


In Google Earth Pro on a PC, typing “R” will rotate the camera so it is looking straight down at the ground. That will adjust the distorted view that happens when zooming in and out with the mouse scroll wheel. Typing “N” will rotate the view so that North is up on the screen. These also seem to work on Google Earth in a web browser.


LOL…I tried for an hour to get that viewing angle !!
This did the trick

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