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Dear friends,

I wanted to use ( Geo-Location -> add more imagery) in order for me to add the right background and the dimensions of the area that I want to do my project. Unfortunately, the resolution is not very good of the added map.

I have a satellite image for the area that I want to do my project. This image has very excellent resolution.

Now, I want to add this image as a background so I can do my 3D buildings on top of this image.

I imported the image, but I realized that the image can be stretched. Therefore, the size will not be similar to google map.Therefore, the 3D building will not be accurate.

Is there anyway to add the satellite image with the same dimension of google map imagery ?



Yes. You need to import the image into SketchUp and then adjust the size. In this case, maybe the easiest is to draw a rectangle the size of the area the image covers. Then import the image as a material (File>Import) and place it to fill the rectangle. If you align the rectangle over the location, you should be able to apply the material onto the terrain after you unlock it and open it for editing.


Adjusting imported map images is easy and accurate with [RotaScale]
Move the imported map so that a first reference point matches with the model (or earlier imported satellite image, evt. marked with a vertical line). Pick a second reference point on the imported image and then click in the model where it would be correctly located.

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