Is there a way to see only objects from a component/group downwards?

I’ve got many components/groups and would like to be able to see all of the objects within those components/groups. Can that be done? Or do I have to temporarily save that component/group to a file, modify that file and then replace it back in the original file?,

Not clear what you mean by “objects”. Do you mean raw geometry or sub-groups?

If you open a Group or Component and choose Hide Rest of Model, you will only see what is in that assembly. Or you can take a look at Outliner and see the hierarchy of sub-groups.

‘Objects’ refers to anything that can be placed inside of the drawing space. This includes, but is not limited to raw geometry, groups and components.

Anyway, I already figured out that what I was looking for was the Outliner. Thx.

Actually, ‘Objects’ refer to Groups, Components, but it includes Section Planes and Images as well in SketchUp’s Universe. All other stuf is called ‘Entity’, I believe. Edges, faces, guidelines, labels)

Well, technically “Entity” refers to almost anything in SketchUp. It’s too broad a term to be of much value to users. The term “object” was adopted recently as part of the Outliner update to make it possible to add view controls for hidden objects separate from view controls for geometry.

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Sorry, I think I meant Entity then.