Is there a way to project a material onto curved surface need metal panels?

I have a curved canopy i need to show metal panels like reynobond or alucabond but have had no luck Ive tried both as a texture and importing an image but it doesnt want to curve the material…any help would be appreciated

thanks in advance!

Could you share the image you’re trying to use and the SketchUp model? Seeing those things will help us help you.

hope this works trying to upload a snipit

I would suggest that you import the image as an image. That way, you can scale it precisely as you drag out its rectangle…as you presumably know what the height of 6 such panels (or the width of 2) would be.
After you explode the image, select it in the In model tab of the Materials palette. Make sure hidden geometry is on, then paint the image on to the first segment of the curve. Right click on it, choose Texture from the context menu and position it correctly, so that you don’t have just little bits of panel at the outside edges of the intended area. .
Sample image on that segment by holding down Alt with the Paint bucket, then paint all the other segments. They should follow the first one around the curve.

Hint: When painting an image around a curve like that, even if the first segment appears to be correctly positioned…don’t believe it. Still click Position then Done…even if you don’t move it at all.

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awesome thank you for the input ill give this a try!

Thanks again!

thanks again worked great!

Glad to be of help. I use exactly the same technique for much more down-to-earth stuff. :wink:

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