Create a Curve Glass Panel




I’m a total beginner in SkecthUp and just starting out some tools and workflow.

I wanted to ask for help regarding a project that I am testing. Basically, I’m creating a table with glass panel on top of it. Something like an aquarium, but the top is open. My table has a curve corner and I wanted to make the glass above it follow the curves of my table.

Unfortuantely, I can’t add material to a curve surface. Please see the attach image to see what I am trying to accomplish.

I just wanted the glass panel to have a curve corner, just like the table, but still remain the transparency in material to make it look like a glass.

Thanks so much!


You should be able to apply the material to any surfaces. Maybe the curved corner is separated from the rest of the geometry, then select all the geometry and right click on it Soften/Smooth.
Or if you can upload the model, we can take a look and show you a few steps.


You should get in the habit of treating the construction of geometry and the painting of objects with a material or texture as two entirely separate operations. You can paint something just about any time, but you should probably hold off painting until the geometry is completed. It’s easier to see what you’re doing and especially easier to orient faces correctly when they’re unpainted.

You curve (place a radius on) corners with the Arc tool.

That’s not correct–I’m not sure where you got that idea or how you tried it, but it’s somewhat evident that you didn’t consult the available reference materials on using the Paint Bucket.

From what you’ve shown, it looks like you can simply copy the lower object to make the top one.

If you are smart, you will systematically train yourself using the abundance of written and video training materials before you embark on a project so you have some idea of how to get there and what to use.