Why can't i make a curve just like the tutor does


I am following the “get started” tutorial video part 4 and draw my own table, at the stage of making curve on the table front support, I can not use push/pull tool to make it curve, I do not know why and I am stacked here. here is what i have done in the up-loaded the file.table.skp (163.5 KB)


Context context context. You must be within the correct context to edit the raw geometry.

When you want to draw a line that will cut a face make sure you can select that face. If clicking the face results in a blue bounding box rather than a blue spotty face you are in the wrong context.


thank you very much. I have tried but never succeeded. I followed your instruction and was doing exactly what you did, the result will never come as yours. I have struggling on this problem for a couple of weeks now, I still can not find what is the problem with me. ;( :frowning:


Ok a bit more detail. I used shortcuts and double clicks in that gif so it’s not totally clear what I did.
You have nested components, in other words the long sides of the table are two instances of the same component nested inside another component.
So you need to open two levels of components before you can edit the raw geometry within one of the nested boards.

So follow the gif.
Select and ‘cut’ the arc
right click and open the first level of component to edit
right click again and open the second component for edit
’Paste in place’ the arc
’Push pull’ the face to remove.
You’ll notice that the other side of the table has been edited also.
Click outside the components to close them again.


Thank you so. . . much.