Is there a way to hide quotes/annotation/dimmension?

Hey there!
I was wondering if there is a quick mode to hide/show the quotes, annotations, and dimensions made with the Dimension tool like this, instead of selecting them and erase them. Or putting then into a particular layer. Like one can do it with “guides”

2024 397 SS 01 R00

Turn off units display in Model Info, Units. You can’t hide the entire dimension text without hiding the dimension lines, if that’s what you are asking. The dimensions can be given a tag if you don’t want to see them at all.

No, i want them to dissapear completely xD the dimension lines, the number, everything. I am aware that they can be given a tag but sometimes i receive models filled with dimmensions and without a tag, so i have to delete them one by one :neutral_face:

If you don’t need those dimensions at all, why don’t you just give them a tag and turn it off? You can easily select all dimensions in the same context with the button in Model Info>Dimensions and then give them a tag in Entity Info.

Nested groups with dimensions - Select all dimensions > Delete (or Tag)
Curic Deep Select extension

To expand on Dave’s comment:

Once they’re selected, you can tag them and toggle visibility, delete them, or hide them as hidden geometry

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If dimensions are not nested you can paste this into SketchUp console (make a copy before use it)

entities = Sketchup.active_model.active_entities
entities.each { |entity| entity.erase! if entity.is_a?(Sketchup::Dimension) }

THIS IS IT! thats exactly what i was looking for.

As i said before, most designs i have to process wasnt made by me, so in order to put a tag on each dimmension to delete them all…its barely the same to delete them each of them.

Thank you

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