Toggling Dimensions on/off

Hi New to Sketch, using the trial version of Pro2018 to draw up kitchens and furniture. Impressed how easy it is to use so far.

I would like to be able to quickly toggle on and off dimensions, is this possible?



Yes. Select all of your dimensions and put them on a layer you’ve created for them. Then when you don’t wish to see the dimensions, untick the Visibility box for that layer.

Assuming you need to show your drawings to others, you might also consider adding the dimensions in LayOut instead of in SketchUp. You would still put the dimensions on a layer of their own in LayOut but you won’t have them cluttering up your view in the SketchUp model.

I would add that you can go to window > model Info > dimensions > select all dimensions to do what DaveR said

Brilliant! Thank-you for the swift answers!

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