How to hide measures for better viewing



I am a not a pro, and i would like how to hide or reduce the measure for better viewing, is there a function somewhere thank you for your help


Hi there. Welcome to the forum.
Unfortunately, your request is not very clear. Could you re-word what you are trying to achieve? Or better yet, attach a screenshot, and in some way highlight the problem.

By the way, sages or moderators, whoever, I have a feeling this post is in the wrong category.


Sorry, but your post is not clear.
What ‘measure’ are you referring to ?
Do you mean guide-lines, or dimensions, or something else ?


I think he wants to put the dimensions on a layer to hide them


Sorry if I was not too clear, in fact I found a solution,
in info found it was possible du reduce the size of text for measure so now it is OK to view.
It is strange that sketch up does not follow usual microsoft standards for menus, so difficult sometimes to find its way.


It would be great to have a function to show/hide all dimensions and show/hide all text …in a similar way to the show/hide Section Planes.

Using layers for dimensions can get a bit wild and crazy it can be easy to lose association with the geometry and they get lost within multiple levels of groups & components.


There is such a plugin already - ToggleTextAndDims - free, from the SketchUcation plugin store.


Thanks John
That’s not the most elegant menu but it does what i want.


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