Is there a way to detach a bunch of components from the floor?



I made an “elevator island” and I need to mirror it to the south side of the floor from the north side. But when I try to group all the components together I wind up getting the entire floor too, and outer walls I don’t want either. Is there a way to isolate the standing components without getting the floor too? Or do I have to create walls without extruding them from the floor (I only did this in some cases; most come out from other walls).

My model is now 4MB, so I can’t upload it to show you :frowning:


One strategy is to create these large parts in separate models. Then bring them together. The key is to include reference marks in the original and in the separate models. This way when you reintroduce them into the large model it is simple.

On another note I noticed that you have to components that are virtually on the same geometry. Is there a need for this?

I grabbed a copy and opened up a new model and slapped them in. I made a copy, made it unique and then extracted the nested component so that I could see what you are doing.

BTW doing this will add size to your model.


OK, I removed the extra geometry. A bit late to create all this separately. The floor is actually the simplest thing to recreate, but punching 7 elevator holes and a stairwell hole is daunting too, and hard to figure out unless the elevator island is laying on top of the floor first…but then it is hard not to run up the sides of the walls with the box tool or line tool, so I’m leaving edges :frowning: