Lost floor on 2nd level component

How can I get it back into the component. I have the floor from an older version and put it onto the component but it doesn’t show up on the main structure. I don’t know if I need to explode it and recreate the component. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank Suzanne

1 - Select the floor.

2 - Make a group with the selection to avoid any interaction in step 5.

3 - Copy the group.

4 - Open the component with a double click.

5 - Paste the floor group in the component.

6 - Move it to proper position.

7 - Explode the group to allow the geometry of the floor to merge with the rest of the component.

Thank you Jean. I dId everything but cannot get the floor to take to the component. Any idea why?

Can you post your SketchUp file. Use the 8th button from the right on top of the message.

Just drag and drop the .skp file into your next reply.

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The 8th button from the left, that looks like a rectangle with a recess and an up arrow, is the one that you can use to upload a file in your reply. Of course, uploading a skp file is more useful that a jpg.

Or try as pointed by Box.

Many thanks to you. My prof. has us add the elevations into the document - a little weird but maybe its not.


ADV SU WEEK 1 8.8.21.skp (1.09 MB)

I’m not sure why you have most of your model as a component, but I explode it here as it’s an extra level of work. You can keep it that way but you must remember to enter it for editing if you want to be inside it.
Then your Level 2 component has a group within it also, basically the outer walls, so you need to decide where it is you want the floor, is it attached to the inner walls or the outer walls.
So in the gif you see I triple click to select all the raw geometry of the floor, then I use Cut (which is the context menu item off screen, which you won’t have, use edit Cut). Then I open the component with a double click, and paste in place. (same issue with the off screen) use Edit Paste in Place.
Once done get out of the component and you will find the floor in place in the main model.
Same as @jean_lemire_1 described. You just need to be in the correct context.

Replace floor

. Thanks so very much for your responses. I am beyond grateful. All my best, Suzanne

It would be best if you removed your email and the numbers after it. The forum scrapers are out and they love email addys.

I think you misunderstood me, I was referring to the large component wrapping most of your model up, creating an extra level of editing. The concept of working each floor as a component is correct, but you have this second wrapper that I show in my gif.
I don’t see it as necessary, and I’m pretty sure your Professor didn’t mean you to have it.

Oh thanks

Copy that. I realized what you meant later. Thank you it really helped.