Is there a way to cut an inserted jpg?

I imported a jpg of my upper level floor plan. There’s a vaulted ceiling over one of the rooms (open from bottom floor to upper level ceiling). Is there any way I can get rid of that section of the image, or should I have done that before inserting?

Explode the image(if you imported it as an image) and then Group it straight away. Then double click on it to open it for editing, once inside draw around the section you want to remove, then click on it to select it and delete it.

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Thanks. I already started working on it, but I did group the image after importing it, so I’ll try what you suggested.

Didn’t really work (user error on my part I’m sure), but it is more transparent than the rest of the floor, so it will at least give the impression of openness.

You’ve probably cut through the floor rather than the image.
Can you attach the model so someone can check.

You’re right (imho).

Ok here’s my messiness. 3D Warehouse

I think x-ray mode is throwing you off.
You can see here when I pull the floor out you have cut it out but not the image.
So I go in further to get just the image and explode and group it, then cut it.

But you can also put the images on a layer and turn the layer on and off.


Thanks so much. So satisfying to watch! I’ll follow your steps.

I didn’t have time yesterday to elaborate on what I meant about using layers for plans, but I had a minute now.
Rather than chopping your Images you can assign them a visibility layer that allows you to turn them on and off. As you see here, I dig down to the actual image and assign it to the layer I have called plans, then dig down again to the other image and add that too.
You can also assign Groups and Components to layers and turn them on and off. As long as you have grouped or componented your walls etc you can have a layer for Ground Floor, First Floor etc…
But don’t try putting raw geometry on any other layer than Layer0, and always leave Layer0 as the active layer, in other words never touch the black dot to the left of the layer name, until such time as you really understand why you want to do it, there are a very few reasons why you would.


Out of curiosity, what does that do when you explode an image?

It makes it a texture and 5 bits of geometry, rather than an image.
It allows you to chop up the geometry of the image which you can’t do as an image.
It allows you to suck up the image as a material and use it elsewhere.
There are probably other things but that’s the basics.


Thanks. Very helpful. I’ll have some time later today to work on this.

I’m finding my difficulties in solving problems are mostly because of the differences between sketchup versions. I’m using the free version and things are pretty different.

Yes, the web version is definitely different, most of the mechanics are the same but the UI is different and some features are missing.
You can always download Make2017 and use that if you don’t want to use Pro.

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Thanks for the tip. Just doing that now.

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