JPEG floor plan: imported,retraced,how only traced lines now?


hi guys,
First I wanted to import and retrace a floor plan, which I did by exploding and using the material.
Now that I have drawn the lines that I wanted to trace I want to remove the background floor plan image.

I wanted to keep the outer walls and a few elements and start playing with the rooms and other structures. For this I need just the lines that I could later have as a layer with flexibility to turn on and off (ground floor/upper floor).

Perhaps a very basic requirement, but I have been watching many tutorials and still didn’t see any yet covering this part.

Thanks for your help.


So you want to delete the image you traced? Since you made it a material, go to the Materials window, find it in the In Model library and delete it.

There really wasn’t any need to explode it to create a material. You could have just left it as an imported image, traced over it and the selected and deleted it when you finished with it.



Thanks a lot. It worked :smile:

Being a complete novice I only have a slight idea what explode does. I am guess it make sense when a component or an object has many ‘parts’ to it then exploding would make all those parts available as materials. not sure though.

Maybe I would learn more as I go forward :smiley:



If you don’t learn as you go forward, there’s a problem. :wink:

Exploding an image that has been imported as an image (as opposed to importing it as a texture) converts the image to a texture/material on a face. That’s useful if you want to use the image as a texture but if you only want to use it as a reference and then discard it, there’s no need to explode it.

Exploding components removes their wrappers and leaves loose geometry. It has its uses but faces and edges can’t be used as materials. Remember that components can be modified without exploding by editing them instead.


Place your iimported image on its own layer, Name it “Images” for example. Trace the image using lines on Layer 0. Turn the image layer off, when you only want to see traced lines.