Is there a way I can reduce the size of a component imported from warehouse

Hi All,

I’m wondering if there is a way to reduce the file size of a component? The component I imported is a greenwall of 28mb done by ANS Global. I have to duplicate this component about 30 times so that it can appear as vertical green walls around my 6 story building.

How about using an image of the wall instead of having all that modeled vegetation?
Just a thought


I thought of this but it results in too much z-fighting when imported to google earth

Upload the component, let the experts review the situation.

Well I took a peek at the model and it’s way over weight. One little leaf has nearly 1200 entities.
You’d be better off making a suitable substitute yourself

move the image away from the wall an inch or so to avoid z fighting, it may need to be “unglued” to do so.

you could also use “skimp or transmutr” they dont accept skp but you could load the skp into SU and then export as an obj / stl / dae / fbx and bring any of those back into a new model via transmuter to reduce poly count.

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From your description this sounds like a perfect application for Skimp and running CleanUp3.

When I ran CleanUp3 on it I got this:
Screenshot - 1_5_2020 , 9_36_48 PM

If you are just using this for display in a larger model, it could stand to be simplified a great deal. The box behind the plants is considerably over modeled.