Is there a usage scenario for applying textures to edges?

Hi everyone,
I understand that coloring edges can be useful. But is there a scenario where you want to apply texture to an edge?

And a related question: Often times i triple click an object and then apply the texture which means it applies to its edges as well. Is it a good way of doing it or should I choose only faces?

Not textures, but line stipple would be marvelous to be able to add to edges. Vector textures for faces that results in crisp vector export from LO would too be very useful. And these vector textures used as hatches on section fills would take that feature to a whole new level. This is what I’d like to see in SU2019, 2020 and 2021.

I don’t think adding textures to edges causes any problems, except that you maybe are annoyed by having invisible noise in the model. I actually didn’t know materials were assigned to edges when edges aren’t set to be colored by material in styles. It would make sense if painting edges was only possible when edge color is displayed, similarly to how hidden geometry display affects how faces/surfaces are selected with selected tool.


Edges are one-dimensional and textures are two-dimensional. So not much of a texture could be displayed on the edge (so one had to decide which pixels to show, e.g. the first row of pixels). Since an edge has no physical width most render engines would ignore its material.


It would be the pixels continuing an adjoinig face. If the edges material would be different from faces, it would probably follow the components axis,as default material works.

I don’t like the idea of hving materials as a fake edge styling. Materials are permanently changing and being painted uppon faces and edges.

Linestyles conventions never change.

I’d like an independent line styles manager.


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