Applying Textures To Lines

So I recently just started to notice a change that may have occurred a while ago in SU, and that’s the ability to apply textures and/or colors to lines. Say for instance I have a group, containing faces and edges (lines), and in that group, I want to apply a texture to the object, I could go about it one of two ways, either face by face or by ctrl+A and then apply the texture with one click. In the past, textures (or colors) were applied to the faces only (via ctrl+A), but now it’s everything, ultimately displaying a rather “muted” look to an object because the edges (lines) are colored or textured as well.

Is there a way to avoid this from happening, other than having to apply a texture or color, face by face? Granted when rendering (in Vray as I do), that issue become null and void, but for general modeling, it can get rather tedious, when I have a need to modify a model in a group, trying to find edges that I need to work with. I tried to find somewhere within SU, that an override could be applied, but haven’t found it.

Perhaps this is something to do with a style modification? In any case, any further assistance or suggestion, would be helpful.

Go the the edge settings in Styles and set it to All the same instead of By Material.
Edge style

Well son-of-a-gun, that did it, though I’m not sure if that setting was by default or not. I may have changed it, thinking that was necessary for renders, but in any case, thanks for the assist.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but was this changed at some point in SU, with the ability to change the line color/texture?

It is set by default to All Same and has been around almost forever.

Fair enough…my screwup.

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