Styles to Components


Dear SketchUp Dev Team,

Unfortunately, SketchUp Team is a very closed and antisocial. Many companies nowadays publish roadmaps of future developments. I also couldn’t find a place to request a feature. I was publishing these request on the official forum and you may know every year someone creates a wish list for the next SU. Unfortunately, most of the requests are ignored a special for MAC version.

Anyway, I was making allot of diagrams lately and I was wondering how cool would it be to be able to apply styles to individual components or groups. So say one part of the model can have hidden lines style and another part textures.

Also being able to change line types directly in SU would be great. So I can make my edges as dash lines for example.

I know I probably not the first with this request, and I know you will not make it.

Anyway maybe someone can make an extension. (it is probably going to be your answer))



Many companies do their best to keep new products/versions secret until release so I don’t find that very strange.

Regarding applying styles to individual containers I really like that idea! Some style properties, e.g. how transparency works and background color and the like, would only matter for the style applied to the model as a whole but other things like coloring, edge thickness etc would be very useful to control this way.


Yes, it would be really cool. It would be nice to be able to export to .eps with line styles. For example currently, if you can’t export back edges.


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