Is there a Plugin to created a shortcut to quickly purge all layers / tags back to Layer 0 / Untagged?

(I’m new to the recent change of naming from layers to tags so by habit for this post, I will refer to them as layers!)

Part of my daily workflow involves importing 2D cad files (plans / elevations /sections etc.) and I typically delete all the layers, moving all the content to Layer 0 in the process. I then group and layer this up accordingly and take it into my main model (so as not to infest my main model layering with random layers from 3rd parties).

Although this is a relatively quick procedure, it would be great if someone knew of an existing plugin that would turn this into an automated process with either a simple keyboard shortcut to open a window that started the purge and meant that I didn’t have to select hundreds of layers scrolling down the stack and then clicking delete and confirming the move of geometry to Layer 0…


I often do this several times every day and it just feels like one of those things that must have a plugin associated with it (that I haven’t been able to find)…

One that purges (deletes) all layers back to layer 0 keeping contents…

Cheers in advanced :slight_smile:

TIG’s Default Layer Geometry will parse through a model and assign Layer 0/ Untagged to all edges and faces. You can then select all of the Layers/Tags except Layer 0/ Untagged and delete them in one step without an extension.

Thom Thom’s CleanUp3 can also do what TIG’s Default Layer Geometry does.

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Hi DaveR, thank you for your suggestions, both great plugins, however they do not achieve what I needed. They appear only to affect and alter the loose geometry and leave the groups and components on the original layer, meaning that when I purge, the layer list is not completely emptied back to just layer 0.

These two plugins tackle it from one angle, what I need to happen is essentially an automated process of:

  • selecting all layers in the layer tray/stack (except Layer 0 which would be current)
  • delete all layers (and when prompted choose to ’ Move contents to default layer).

And then let Skp do what it normally does when doing the above steps the manual way.
Kinda like a script which could be assigned a keyboard shortcut.

Still, grateful for the reply and suggestion.

Many thanks,

Do you know you can click on the 2nd tag, scroll down and shift-click on the last tag, click the ‘-’ and delete them all at once?

Yes, this is what I do

And like I said in my OP, it is a bit of an ask! Since it is that easy.

But if there was an even quicker way, then it would be great. Especially if it could be linked to a shortcut.


Layers Organizer (not a free extension) has a feature where you can (amongst others) delete layers / tags with the option to moved all info associated with them to Layer0/Untagged.

Since Layers Organizer was based on a free (not 100% stable and no longer supported / developed) extension called Layers Panel the functionality might be there as well IIRC.

Maybe even in some other extensions as well, can’t think of them (ones that I’ve used) off the cuff…

Here’s a simple extension that just makes Untagged/Layer0 the active tag/layer then deletes all the other layers without deleting geometry.

TagDelete.rb (824 Bytes)

Copy the file to your Plugins folder, then restart SketchUp. You can install without restarting if you copy the file then paste this into the Ruby conosole and press return:

load 'TagDelete.rb'

To use it, go to Extensions Menu -> Delete Tags. There’s no warnings, it just deletes all the tags so that it can be assigned a keyboard shortcut and you don’t have to click anything else. If you do it by mistake, you can Undo it, but apart from that, use at your own risk. It will delete all your tags, so be careful.

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That’s the ticket! Thank you very much. :+1:

No problem.

Get the latest version to fix problem where it would fail if a group/component was open for editing that was in a tag to be deleted.