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I have many layers in my model with objects I don’t recognize. I would like to delete them. But I have to select one by one. Can this be done easier. Selecting all layers with not used objects.


can you purge unused first? Importing models from 3DW can create layers associated with those models. If you don’t use those imported models you should be able to delete the associated layers by selecting the purge button in the layers list header.


At this time you would need to delete layers one at a time. As @mics_54 suggests, purging unused in the desktop version of SketchUp would remove all unused layers. As for objects in your model that you don’t recognize, you’ll need to delete them yourself. SketchUp has no way of knowing which objects you recognize and which ones you don’t.


Thank you. I have tried this before. But this didn’t help. I have circa 400 + layers with objects. I have to delete them one by one. Whuch takes a lot of time.

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Is there a way that you can select multiple layers at once?


In the desktop version can select multiple layers and delete them all at once.


Not in Free. You could download Make and do it.


Thanks again. Yes I used to have the desktop version, but I was now trying the web one. I will download the 2017 version. The menu structure gives more possibilities.


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