Sub objects and groups or components to Layer / Tag 0


Do you know if there is a simple and quick way to bring all sub geometry AND groups or components to Layer 0?

Maybe something that works like the wonderdful CleanUp3 extension from Thom Thom that would also place the designated groups / components and their sub-hierarchy to Layer 0…

Thank you for your answers


A bit radical way to do it!
I need to sort out and redistribute and clean a full model. I can’t delete all layers which are also linked to different scenes or that would take me ages.

You say all ….
Wouldn’t that imply that your tags have no further use?
Then what does it matter for those scenes that these tags do not exist anymore?
Just curious


I am working on renovation projects and I need to show different states and solutions.
Until now I was logically using tags and scenes for that matter but when I have been working for a long time on a project, I find myself with objects and components that are spread out in different layers.

To make it clearer and avoid this situation which takes a long time to clean, I am trying to make a global group or component per layer (with the same name as the layer) and everything nested in this group back to layer_0. It means 1 group or component on a specific layer and all nested elements on Layer 0

Does that make sense?

You can use Curic Deep Select

That works :slight_smile:
Very efficient!

If you made a group, you could just use Outliner and switch it on or off. (Hide-unhide)
The hole purpose of the two ways of organizing is that you have two ways of organizing.
Combined, you can have (now) nested groups with a linestyle set to dashes, or colorize them in a Color by Tag style and still be able to hide the (toplevel) group at once or all the sub groups individual.

Thank you!

I’ll give it a try although I find that the outliner has real bad ergonomics.

It slows down the workflow a lot when I have to scroll up and down to find an object in the list as it doesn’t show up itself when selected.

Renaming in the outliner takes ages (click, then wait, then maybe the cursor will show up…or not, finally right click to reach the “rename” feature in the bottom list… or go back to the info box…Argh!).

No possibility to choose to hide the items (in grey in the list) which aren’t visible on the screen that makes a very long list to get through for the models I am working on (± 1500 groups or components).

I guess it’s ok if you have lighter models but that’s a pain each time I have to fight with the outliner’s behaviour.

I am scared of it :wink: !

I think Tig has made an extension for resetting Layer0 (Untagged) for geometry. CleanUp3 also has a feature called “Geometry to Layer0”.