Is there a plugin to put all subcomponents of a selected parent onto Layer0?

Working to clean up layering and component hierarchy in someone else’s large model (millions of edges, tens of thousands of components).

Is there (as the title suggests) a plugin to put all subcomponents of a selected component onto Layer0?

Cleanup3 doesn’t seem to have such a setting - perhaps it could be added?

Is there another plugin that would do this particular trick? Does Put On Layer do this? It isn’t clear from the description of it on SketchUcation Plugin Store.

Answering my own question - have just tried PutOnLayer, and it seems it can do what I want - so long as I open the top level component for editing, and Select All subcomponents, it works it way through each in turn and puts them on ANY selected layer (including Layer0 if desired).

But if I just select the top level component, it gets put on the selected layer too.

My initial question was entirely genuine, and innocent. But then I did what I should have done first - used Google. And found the plugin Put On Layer. But couldn’t tell, until I tried it, whether it would do what I wanted - which it does, but in the way my ‘solution’ describes, not quite the way my question asked.

I don’t care about scoring points or status on this forum.

And I apologise for not having done my homework before posting. I shan’t do it again, I hope.

If any moderator feels the thread is unhelpful or perceived to be self serving, I have no problem with the whole thread being deleted

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Why not do that, then, and I’ll edit down my own posts.

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