Is there a parameter for the same model to read a different number of mesh from the api?

For example, I have a model that has 100,000 triangulations, but I want to pass in some parameter that reads fewer triangulations. To put it simply, it wants to simplify a large number of triangular models.

Thank you very much!

I can’t answer your question, due to the lack of in-depth knowledge of the SDK… but if it would have been that simple, then plenty of extensions like this two would have been released:

Skimp | Simplify your Sketchup model | Import FBX, OBJ and more (

Universal Importer | SketchUcation

(To be able to use these extension you will need a desktop version of Sketchup, the web version does not have a feature to use Extensions.)

The C API has a SUMeshHelperRef interface to access the current mesh.
This interface does not have any built-in vertex reduction or simplification.

You might search the web for a 3rd party library to do the simplification.