How to simplify a 3d mesh?


I have a bunch of 3D mesh/shapes that I would like to simpli8fy. I attached an exampleMesh.skp (1.3 MB)
that has a lot of faces (800+) and edges (1200+). I would like to simplify it a lot. I just need a very rough approximation of the shape. Is there a simple way to simplify a mesh?


Here’s an example with “Reduce polygons” from the Artisan toolset…

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thanks. Looks great.


You can also physically drag an individual vertex until it snaps to another vertex. In a typical triangulated mesh like the one you’ve posted, that would eliminate 2 faces each time. It’s tedious, but…again in the mesh you’ve posted, I’d be tempted to do it to eliminate that narrow row at the turn-ups of the shorts. I’d also be tempted to simply delete the messy remains of that waistband with its belt loops. It’s too narrow to really add anything to the overall shape; and any poly-reduction tool like the one in Artisan would make more sense of what remains.

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thanks Alan. good ideas.


I know this is an old thread, but if anyone is searching for a new and an extremely powerful solution to simplify a SketchUp model and reduce the polygons, you should check out Skimp.

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Rhinoceros also has a fairly good polyreducing command. It is more expensive than SketchUp but it has a fully functional 90-day trial.

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