Decrease triangles and or detail not needed


Sketchup has “Add detail” and I have extensions that increase the number of triangles to work on detail and smooth things out but is there something that decreases triangles? I download STL files that are insanely complicated with triangles making the file size large and it takes a long time to print. It would be nice to select an entire object or area and have it create less detail. Thanks.


run the stl through MeshLab first using a ‘simplify’ filter…

there are many tutorials on the web…



Thanks John. I am disappointed that I have to go to an entirely different program to do one command. It seems only intuitive that if you have a command in Sketchup that increases mesh, then you would have another command that decreases mesh. Sigh.


There are plugins for mesh reduction (e.g. Artisan), but if you fail to import an STL because of its complexity, a simplification inside SketchUp wouldn’t work …


John: After looking into Meshlab and reviewing the tutorials I found it to be way more complicated than what I needed although I can see its appeal. I came across Meshmixer and that seems to be more geared to more novice users with an interface that I can understand better. Thanks.


Cotty: I have Artisan but didn’t see the mesh reducer. I only saw the mesh increase. If you can describe where it is I would appreciate it. It is a great program but the tutorials are incredibly old and so I find the learning curve to be difficult. Thanks.


Could it be hiding in plan sight as Polygon Reducer.


I hate myself.


Box : With the brush mirror plane “on” this Reduce Polygons doesn’t translate for the other half. Any help with that would be appreciated.