Automatic surface smoothing for 3D print

Dear community,
I’m a new member and so far I used Sketchup just for designing forniture items.
I’d like to start designing small objects (i.e. car models bodywork) to be printed in 3d and was wondering if in the FREE version there’s a feature to automatically smooth surfaces by increasing polygon count.
Is otherwise possible to post-process and smooth the STL exported model through external free software?
Should I consider to use a different version of SketchUp instead?
I looked around in the web and in the community but I didn’t find a precise answer to these question.
Thank you!

Checkout meshmixer - it is a free tool for stl file preparations.

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There is no need for all this if you start modeling with more segments in your circles and arcs!


Agreed. With proper modeling techniques you shouldn’t need anything to smooth it later. And you can control exactly where you need to have more smoothness and where it isn’t so important.

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