Reducing the Poly Count of an imported model


I have a model that came from a supplier that was made in SolidWorks. It is just under a million triangles, and despite the name of the program, decidedly not solid. It’s made of hundreds of smaller groups. It resists simplification. And to top it off, I can’t share it with the forum, intellectual property issues…

I imported it with Simlab STEP importer.

I tried taking an STL that he generated into Meshmixer to reduce the poly count, but something about the way it’s made Meshmixer could only reduce the poly count by around 100,000 triangles, which didn’t make a dent.

I tried outer shell, but the geometry isn’t solid enough to do this step. I tried solid inspector2, but there were so many errors that required manual repair, and I didn’t have the time for this particular drawing to go into it.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there a good way to export from SolidWorks that would give me a more usable file? Alternatively, is there a good way to “shrinkwrap” the existing geometry into a nice solid?


Wouldn’t it be easier to redo the model, (from looking at your screenshot)?
These groups look identical, only rotated 90 degrees and mirrored.
Their geometry should be fairly simple to redo, making it into a (glue to+cut opening) component with not that much edges and faces.
Can’t you share some more screenshots?


It probably would be best to simply re-model the castings. I’ll post some more screen shots later, I have to get the annotated drawing out, so I’m using the PDF of the product as a photo texture for now.


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