How to simplify a model?

Sometimes i have to work with STL files that are too complex with too many surfaces and polygons that even though they are not heavy files (less than 100mb) it becomes the file impossible to work with, extremely slow. Even after purge.

Is there a way to get this easier to work with? I found a web named that makes the work but i lose the shape, materials and colours. Maybe there is out there an extension (for free please haha)
Thanks !

Universal Importer extension


Skimp extension

Transmutr extension

Google search polygon reduce sketchup

The best method remains to create your own low poly model.

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The first one Universal Importer has worked beautifully, thanks, of course i searched on google before asking here, but i only found options under payment, like Skimp and Transmutr, which only offer a free trial.

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You’re welcome!

I gave you the link to Google search where several methods appear, for example Polyreducer or Meshlab, but also others.

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