Is there a library of hardware images? I want to put a specific Blum hinge in my section view

Shop drawing for submittal wants to show actual hinge we are using

If you only need an image, you could pull it off the Blum website. If you want a 3D component, you can look in the 3D Warehouse. You might find that someone has already drawn it. Or you can draw it yourself. Blum has some decent dimensioned drawings of their hardware or you could commission someone else to do it.

Blum might have cad files. Many suppliers do. What hinge is it I have an image of a 38c355-B102 3/4 OL ff

Would you send me that sketch?



That is Blum 38c image from Blum’s website
Blum’s web site doesn’t have any cad files available that I can find. There are a couple of models on the 3D warehouse but they aren’t very accurate.
That is a 38c softclose hinge. These hinges are for smaller (3/4 or less) overlay, face frame applications.
I did find a model on 3Dwarehouse of a euro mount hinge that was pretty good but it will take some clean up.
I cleaned it up and made some adjustments. Its slightly over 4 mg file. If you want it pm your email to me and I’ll send it to you.
I found the model on the warehouse searching for “Blum” the file name is Bisagra de cazoleta #7

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