Blum Undermount Slides

Hi Y’all, great to be here and loving this AWESOME software by the day. Was wondering if there is anyone who can make a pair of the BLUM under-mount slides and o scale. looked through the 3D portal and there only the ordinary accuride slides. it’ll be of much help as i’m working on a tv stand with a sliding top and the normal side drawer slides will not do.


Why not do it yourself?


Search the EW using keyword “blum”. You will get a lot of hits, but among them are several models of Blum tandem slides.

cooooz i was thinking there more pro people who have made the accuride 1s so they can make this

Do you really need detailed models of the slides? You should be able to make very simplistic ones to show where hardware needs to be or what will show of them when the top has been moved.

I do design and plan work for several cabinetmakers. One uses Blum undermount drawer slides for all his drawers. I created a dynamic drawer component that get sized based on the opening and cabinet depth dimensions and Blum’s calculations for required gaps. I don’t even show the slides in the models or plans I create for him.

You can use the worksheet available on the Blum site to help you.

If you need a detailed model, you can hire me to make it for you. Get in touch by PM.

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Found Them…feeling so silly right now::yum: