Is there a brush in LayOut? Where?

I was looking for a kind of brush inside LayOut… But didn’t find it! Is there one?

A brush for what? Why would you think there’s a brush in LayOut?

I sent a scene to the board I’m building, of a section of land with a building scheme, and their internal parts appear below the line of the land’s cut… I would just like to hide them with a black brush. … The first image is in LayOut, the second in SKP.

Another one pic…

There’s nothing like that in LayOut. Just draw a shape and give it black fill. You could fill that area in SketchUp instead so you don’'t need to create a an area in LayOut to hide it.

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Yes, after all, that’s what I’m doing… I hadn’t thought about doing that in SKP, that’s a good idea. Thank you for your help!

It looks like you have a section cut. If the objects are solid you could turn on Section Fill.

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