Landscaping Masks


Hi Everyone,

I’m curious if anyone could point me to a library of Landscaping masks for use in Layout?

I realize this is often done in Photoshop, but I can see a path to having a scrapbook full of plants, trees, rocks, etc. that will mask my model view on a layout page.

Specifically, I am hoping for simple line drawings of these elements that can have the fill toggled off and on to mask items behind them.

I suspect in order for the fill mask to work these would have to be drawn in Layout rather than created in another program and inserted into Layout?

Has anyone created such a thing? Willing to share? If anyone had a good library I am willing to pay for it as well.

Here is example of what I would like the landscape “masks” to look like:

Thank you!


I think I figured out what I was looking for…Just needed to create .png files with transparency and drag them into Layout. Can’t toggle the fill on and off, but good enough. :slight_smile:


Disclaimer: I’m not (yet) a Layout user, so my answer is based on stuff I’ve (possibly mis-) remembered from this forum!

Couldn’t you put the .png files in their own layer(s) within Layout, then turn the layers on/off to toggle?