Is tag overrides stable?

I have recently come across the tag override feature in layout and it would GREATLY improve our workflow to be able to modify linework to individual tags in a single viewport. I am just wondering if this is a stable feature within layout before I commit a project to it.

Has anyone had problems with tag overrides?

Prior to the 2023.1 patch, any viewport override with tags, styles, effects, or camera views was a bit unstable. Since the patch, I haven’t had any issues with layout viewport overrides. You just have to be careful if you copy a viewport with an override. Most people discourage it on the forum, as scenes in SU are the most stable.

It works great for me and because I can control tag visibility in LayOut I can get by with many fewer scenes in the SketchUp model.

Keep in mind that if you modify the scene’s properties in a viewport and then copy the viewport, the new viewport will have the same overrides even if you choose a different scene. That can be very useful but it might also catch you out in some cases.

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For how I use Layout it works fine with raster but it does not work great for me in vector or hybrid.

I work exclusively in vector and hybrid.

I’ll try find the posts I made at the time the feature came out.

That’s interesting. I also work use Vector or Hybrid rendered viewports and haven’t seen any problems with tag control in LO. Looking forward to seeing your post.


Yes – tag visibility override is great but style override is problematic for how I wished to use it when it first came out.

As far as I know, the issues that I posted about at the time have not been fixed – if indeed they can be fixed.

Were you able to sort that out? I also use style overrides frequently in LO. My models normally only have a single working style and I have a colection of styles I use in LO.

@DaveR @PaulMcAlenan
Awesome! Thank you guys for the comments on this!
We’ve decided to try this workflow on a smaller project first.

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Good luck.

FWIW, here’s a quickie example of what I was getting at with the reduced number of scenes. The three viewports on the left are all created from a single scene. The other six come from one other scene.

The original versions of those two scenes are shown at the top in the next image. The two elevation views come from a single scene as well. And of course other elevation views could be created from that scene as I did for the plan views. And this doesn’t get into utilizing dashes (which I also only set in LayOut) nor does it consider the options with stacked viewports.

Note that at no time do the Camera properties get modified for any of the viewports. I never modify the Camera properties in LO because that can create loads of trouble.


I’ve quickly rustled something up with project at hand – colours to emphasise the issue…




Dave, you introduced me to the method of having one SU style and other styles available in LO.

( and it transformed the way I work ! )

I tried to do more complex overrides but the “glitches” that are in the images above would become more and more unacceptable.

I sort of have an sense of how it could all be working and how difficult it might be for the SketchUp team to overcome.

My curiosity is now peaked with the carousel bathroom you’ve planned for. :yum:

I’m not sure exactly how that happens but I wonder if it’s similar to z-fighting. I’ve run into that a few times but stacking viewports seems to get around it. Would be nice if the developers could sort it out, though.

LOL! Doesn’t everyone have a sink, bathtub, and carousel horse in their outhouse? Kind of primitive not to. :crazy_face:

This model started out as just a model of a garden shed I built about 22 years ago. I added some stuff to be able to use it to make examples like the one I showed here. I was going to make it a two-holer but I thought the horse was better.

The Horse was the right move…

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