Is Sketchup the wrong program to make a 3D logo from a 2D logo

In this instance I was curious why you might need a 3D version of the logo? I tried a mock-up of it to and when it is off axis and extruded the curves of film look weird as they only look correct from head on. ONce they have some dimension they dont look quite right. If this were to be animated it feels like the curves of film should be half circles which resolve into this log when seen from this position. Sorry, I know this is getting a bit outside of the technical.

Wow whitrabbitdesigncompany! That looks fabulous… great job.
The company wants to do a fly around the logo as part of a web video.
You are right about the extruded curves of the film… I will suggest the strips are joined, in order to reduce the optical illusion of distortion. You really have gone over and above all my expectations of assistance. Thanks for the professionalism. BTW what renderer do you use?

Very rough, low res version which shows how those elements can look if they are animated in their “respective perspectives” I think other other progrmas are better suited for this but I’m always curious to see what can be achieved within SU.

The renderer for the previous image was Thea.

I used Key Frame animator in Su. I think Fredos is better but more complex.

Yes, I like it. I was hoping I could get something like that in a fly through.

rendered version. low res.

Oh wow, for low-res that looks fabulous. Great work!

I’m just now coming across this, but I would recommend using Cinema 4D or at least Element 3D for logo work in the future. Sketchup just doesn’t have the fine controls to make doing this kind of work easy or quick.

Yes, nice job from whiterabbitdesigncompany - but would it be appropriate for the white-yellow circle to become a sphere that the “12 CC” and “21CC BROADCAST PRODUCTIONS” as a unit could then revolve around?