Is Sketchup normally a memory hog?

Issue: Navigating a model, either by zooming, panning, orbiting, or using a 3dx space mouse increases memory usage (orbiting around can increase by 500mb+ in under 10 secs). This seems to cause performance issues with the more ram taken up.
Restarting the model will fix the problem but only for a while untill the ram builds up again, and I assume this is why sketchup runs slower and slower.

Context: Doing architectural plans using a SketchUp and Layout combo, after 10-15 mins of usage Sketchup becomes slow, especially noticeable with the 3d space mouse. The time it takes to slow down seems to depend on the size of the project. Have this on a lot of models.

Just wondering if this is a normal thing with SketchUp taking more and more ram? I do have a few extensions installed, yet to test with disabling them. I’ve tested the spacemouse too (unplugging, disabling extension), no affect.

Video is a short clip of task mgr, starts off as SketchUp is idling, then increases ram as i navigate the model

There was an issue in the past with e 3D mice from 3dconnexion where they would hog memory. You might check for an update, or uninstall and reinstall.

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I know that happened on Mac. Did it also happen on Windows (which the OP’s profile says)? It was fixed on Mac several years ago and no longer happens on current versions of the driver.

Certainly worth checking whether the driver is up to date. The latest for Windows is 10.8.8

My current driver is 10.8.6, will try updating to the latest one and see how it goes.


Personally I’ve never had any memory hog issues with the spacemouse and windows.
Although, if you have a lot of raw geometry selected it can take a bit to get moving, while the normal middle mouse obit works.

Tried updating drivers, hasn’t seemed to affect the issue though.

Yeah, it seems like the space mouse is always slightly slower then middle mouse orbit, although it gets much more apparent after a while.

Also at a certain point sketchup stops rendering components/ groups as I navigate round (it only shows the outer box) see below pic

while typing this up, had SKP open and it dropped from 15gb of ram to 12, then to 9 so not sure what’s happening at this point :sweat_smile:.


This could very well be a Windows 11 issue.

I think you may be right, my PC updated itself to Win 11 a while ago and I’ve had a lot of other issues (mostly not SketchUp related) that didn’t occur on Win 10.

I might do some testing on a win 10 PC and see if it has the same issue.


I’m on Windows 11 with 2022 the 3DCNX drivers and a fresh SKP loaded up is around 200mb of system memory for SketchUp, which seems entirely reasonable.

sorry probably necroing this thread a little bit.
I’ve done some testing (still using win 11) and found the move tool seems to affect this. see attached clip, just moving the mouse around sends ram up, although using the select tool this doesn’t happen
Has anyone else had a similar issue? would this be a mem leak or something similar?

no extensions & tested with/without 3D spacemouse drivers running, still same issue

TIA :smile:!

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