Is Razor blade a good laptop for sketchup and rendering?

I am an architect student and I am looking to buy a new laptop for programs such as skechup, AutoCAD, Revit, 3d max. I do rendering on a daily basis. Which laptop best suits these needs? I’m at a loss

There are many models and RAZOR is a premium brand without necessarily premium performance…

As a student I assume you are looking for value for money – what is your budget?

Gigabyte , ASUS or MSI will probably give you more bangs per buck

You want an i7 CPU… 16GB ram, SSD drive boosts performance dramatically [256GB]

GTX 1060 best price/ performance but GTX 1050 is ok and GTX 1070/1080 are desirable, preferably 4GB VRAM

Screen size is still 1920x1080 - save your money for a good external monitor [2k] or 4k TV as monitor

No touch screen needed - I have a Samsung Galaxy note 12.2 with Spen -

Unfortunately Samsung have not come out with a newer model but the technology is brilliant

I no longer have any paper in my office,

All design, markups, sketching etc is done using the Spen on screen captures from my notebook

OS = Windows 10 as unfortunately as there really is no alternative on the notebook

Don’t necessarily assume everything must be AUTODESK -

Draftsight is a very capable and free AUTOCAD alternative

BLENDER is an incredibly capable Rendering / Video / Compositing Software and FREE

FOTSKETCHER is wonderful post production software for informalising SU screen captures [FREE]

INKSCAPE is a capable Illustrator like vector editing software [FREE]

GIMP is also Capable PHOTOSHOP alternative [FREE]

And frankly I use POWERPOINT, as it is a surprisingly capable alternative to ILLUSTRATOR…

and universally understood so even your client / consultants can edit / interact with your work in a collaborative way

*. Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch ME293 or *Asus ZenBook UX305UA-FB011T


No GTX cards - Any student will be increasingly need to do RT modelling / rendering and cards need to be Games Engine optimised - Besides MAC’s are expensive and closed ecosystem

My humble opinion:

Not sure where you’re located, but if North America, check out the refurbished Latitude and Precision laptops on Dell Outlet. I’ve had two refurbished Latitudes, and they performed very well. 600-800 USDs will get you a powerful laptop. I know some don’t like the idea of refurbished, but these are re-built by Dell, and I’ve had no trouble whatsoever, even though I run heavy tasks every day.

Remember, selection may be somewhat limited, but there are usually quite a few hardware configurations available, and website coupons happen almost monthly.

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Not good for rendering (besides not having a Nvidia graphics card): 2 processor cores>only 4 threads.

Thanks. This is very informative. Do you do heavy rendering on your Samsung?
What do you think about apple products? Are they capable of handling this work?

Oh I see here your opinion on macs.

What about lenova laptops?

I read a lot of bad reviews on Asus and a little skeptic on getting it.
Msi seems nice but its heavy. I need something that I can carry with me everywhere every day. Any other ideas?

Hi Rinaa…

No the Samsung is used for sketching over screen captures …

it replaces pen and trace paper for me…

Example below - the image below is a screen capture of a sketchup plan view

The black line work overlay is a design idea drawn as an overlay on the Samsung using the Sketchbook app. as is the colour blocking – you have many layers so you can explore many options on one image…

In many ways you just have to do it and then you realise how amazingly versatile it is…

For the Samsung I can immediately email the sketch to my staff or client for their attention.

Quite frankly - A pad+stylus should be mandatory for all architects [Samsung or Ipad Pro]

Another example - sketch illustration over a SU plan [on layer turned off]

Rendering needs a powerful notebook - i7 preferably… and good dedicated Graphics card needed for realtime rendering [I am using Twinmotion 2016 with 2018 on trial]

PS Gigabyte Aero 14 has been getting good reviews if its avialable in your location ! Light, powerful , good looking

Aaaa got it! Thanks.

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