Would msi gs series gs63vr stealth pro be a good candidate for a heavy duty rendering?

I am looking to buy a laptop for myself. I am an architect student. I was looking at Razer blade, but decided to look some more as some of you suggested its not the best choice. I want something not as heavy, thin and easy on the eyes (design wise) as I will always have it with me in classroom and at work. Its hard to find something that will fit all my needs but I just want to be able to carry it around without hurting my back. Also the price range to be less $2000. I currently use autocad, sketchup, all adobe and chief architect. But plan to use revit and 3ds max in the future. I am currently looking as the msi. What do you recommend that’s in my range?
I would have went with Razer blade however its gets too loud and hot during heavy load. Does msi do the same?

In short: if the model you are looking for is the one with an i7 processor, 16GB memory and a Nvidia graphics card, it should be quite OK for running the software packages you list. The laptops with even more power fall into the “portable workstation” category and are ridiculously expensive.

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