Is possible to avoid z-fighting?

Hi there.

You guys know if there is any way to avoid z-fighting for example when you draw certain shape/profile over a picture the one you have locked?

As far as I know It seems posible if you use for example top view or side view but not possible if you change the perspective.

Thanks in advance.

If you’re tracing an image, set the Face Style to Wireframe so there’s no visible faces to create the Z-fighting. I generally prefer this anyway so faces don’t obscure the image I’m tracing.

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Cool, thank you.

But it seems it doesn’t work if I explode the image, then I convert it into a component and then lock to avoid erasing it by mistake, right? anyway to avoid deleting it by mistake?

Why are you exploding the image to make it a component in the first place? If you are tracing the image so you can make a 3D model from it, there’s no reason to explode the image at all.

It was the only way I found to lock it to avoid erasing it by mistake.

Hmmm… I’ve traced a lot of images over the years but never had any trouble erasing them accidentally. Make you need a workflow change?

Not really, it’s ok, if I make any change by accident I guess I always can use ctrl + z.

Leave it as an image, draw a line out of the way and select both. Make a component of the selection.

Cool, thank you so much, I was almost sure I had heard something like that as workaround some time ago, but I wasn’t using wireframe as face style, that’s probably why I wasn’t being succesfull on this operation. :wink: