Is it true that subtract is no longer available for the free web version?

…or has it just been moved?

Subtract is one of the Solid Tools. That set of tools is available in SketchUp Go but not SketchUp Free. When you first start with SketchUp Free you get a 30-day trial of Go. You would have access to the Solid Tools during that time. At the end of the trial the Solid Tools would no longer be available unless you choose to Subscribe to Go. Subtract has never been available in SketchUp Free.

If you say so, but I’m logged in to the same account that I’ve always had - for more than 30 days - and I used to be able to subtract one solid from another. The other thing I notice is that the fly-out menus no longer work when I hover over a selection on the left menu bar. Something changed…

You would need to purchase a subscription to SketchUp Go to have access to the Solid Tools after the trial period has expired. It’s been that way since the SketchUp for Web versions have been available.

Yes. That changed a couple of months or so back. You can now customize the toolbar to put your most used tools on it. The rest are available by clicking on the three dots at the bottom of the toolbar.

Thanks for trying to help. I’m not trying to be argumentative, but I was subtracting solids on multiple projects last July through October using the free web version and before that. If I have to pay $100+ just to draw up a couple cabinets now, it’s time to go old-school. They’ve cut out what I have to believe is a sizable market.

See the following link. It shows that the Solid Tools are included with SketchUp Go but not SketchUp Free.

Cut out a sizable market? Is that a thing with free software?

If you are using SketchUp for your Woodworking and Custom Cabinets business you shouldn’t be using SketchUp Free anyway since it’s EULA prohibits commercial use. You would need to be using SketchUp Go or SketchUp Pro for your business.

And why would a company offer a free version? To hopefully convert those people to paying customers - a more difficult task when making key features unavailable.

As for my company, which I closed in 2017 when I retired, I paid for a real CAD program that no longer works with more recent operating systems, and not worth further investment for the amount I need to use it in retirement.

For the one cabinet I need to design now - for my own use, if you must know - paying for something doesn’t make sense. And if I have to pay for something in the future, I’d consider going back to TurboCAD.

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It is all your own choice. Neither @DaveR or I are Trimble representatives, only users like you so in no position to grant exceptions from Trimble’s policies.

You can model your cabinet without Solid tools, using Intersect, for instance. Solid tools are just a nifty shortcut. In the end, SketchUp is almost entirely about edges and faces.


I’ve never used solid tools. Just right click > intersect with selection. Delete geometry I don’t want. Been doing it that way for over 10 years building everything from tables, to Ute canopies to houses.

Why would a company offer less features in its free version? Pretty obvious isn’t it?


That’s it yes.
But then they also allow you to see what the full version is capable of in the trial version. Like (almost) any other software company. Mind you, 30 days.
With SketchUp Web Free you can do simple tasks like cabinets and surprisingly much more.

I did a lot of cabinetry design in SketchUp even before Solid Tools were invented, at different detail levels.

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Surely - The free version is specifically for people that tried the trial and decided they don’t have any need for the more advancements features and don’t require a commercial license or simply don’t want to spend money?

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