Is it possible to walk within geo-located model with Google Glass?


Hello all - I’m a geologist interested in showing a monitoring well network, ground-water table, various geologic surfaces, etc. beneath a building. Possible? Thanks, Bob



Thanks for the thoughtful response. I have just started to build the 3D geometries but you are correct in that I am interested in visualizing more than a "small translucent representation.” It is more of an augmented reality. For example, walking through an old industrial building and be able to “view” the monitoring wells installed through the floor, at the correct position. Then view data collected from those wells such as the geologic layers, groundwater surface (i.e., water table), methyl-ethyl-bad-stuff sample concentrations, interpolated methyl-ethyl-bad-stuff groundwater plume, etc. Hence, you can see the existing structure and the subsurface.

Sounds like a complicated problem.



Not with google glass but Occulus Rift and a good model and away you go.