Geo Space a model for Hololens Viewer

I Have been having varied success with importing and viewing models in Sketchup viewer for Hololens but one of the biggest issues, and requests from my team, is to be able to geo space a model to view it in its real life location 1:1. So far I have been unable to find a way to do this or even know if this can be done. I know we can geo locate models in Sketchup/Google earth but is this method possible (or something similar) when looking at a Hologram?

It would be good if we could specify the real world XYZ and rotation.

Any thoughts and/or advise would be appreciated
Many thanks

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I am looking to resolve the same issue. I suspect the HoloLens does not have a built-in GPS so this may be a challange. My need to locate the model is typically indoor (renovation projects). I would propose that Sketchup create an insertion point in the model that allows the user to anchor to a known location. Or better yet, create a 3 point alignment system(pick 3 point in the real world and 3 in the model that match) this would be very beneficial.

@dastone69 Is correct. The Hololens does not know where it is, so it cannot place the model based on geo-location.

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