How to view model in AR in actual geolocation?

I have made a house model which is geolocated. After loading it in SketchUp viewer and going into AR mode, how do I make the model appear at its full size in the actual, geolocated location? I know there is an ‘immersive mode’, but this places the model in an arbitrary location. Surely it must be possible to place the model in the real geolocated location so I can go and walk around the site and see how the house fits into the surroundings?

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I tried an idea, that may be worth a go. I put down a model in front of me, in table top mode I guess. Then using the icon in the lower left I set the scale to 1:1, and set the Y coordinate to +1200 (100 feet). That gave me a life size building 100 feet away.

It’s not a nice enough day to want to walk over there to test whether I can walk around inside!

Here’s a recording of part of my test. At the end I did choose immersive mode, so that I could virtually walk over there.

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Thanks for the response, and the suggestion – I’ll certainly give this a go. I guess this response (from a SketchUp team member) means that precisely geolocating a model in AR isn’t yet possible – could this please be added as a feature request? I should imagine that it wouldn’t be too tricky to add this as a feature, since the information is all available already. Part of the reason I want to do this is to check I have actually mapped everything in its correct location (I’ve mapped a whole site; not just a house). So if I have to manually scale and place the model, I wouldn’t be able to learn if I have geolocated it appropriately.

Thanks :slight_smile:

@CaptainProg You are correct in asserting that the capability to geolocate a model in AR is not yet a feature of the SketchUp Viewer app. I’ve captured your feedback for future consideration.

In the meantime, I’ll offer that our colleagues on the SiteVision team here at Trimble have a solution for viewing geolocated models outdoors that might be of interest to you. You can find out more information on their web site:

Hope that helps.

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Nicer weather today, so I did an outdoor test. Happens to be next to the SketchUp office in Boulder.

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